Brian Quinn Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Shocking Facts.

Brian Michael Quinn, or Q as he is usually referred to, is a TV actor, comedian, and producer. Moreover, Quinn also enjoyed a short stint as an actor back in the mid-90s and early 2000s, appearing in films like Vulgar. One thing that the other jokers like to use against Q is the fact that he is deathly afraid of spiders.

Moreover, he is also one of two jokers who lost their teeth while the cameras were still rolling! At the start of the year, news broke that Brian had contracted COVID-19. Fortunately, he recovered. Examine Brian Quinn’s wife, daughter, and net worth in this review.

Who is Impractical Jokers Brian Quinn’s Wife?

Brian Quinn is not a married man. In fact, he and Sal are the only two jokers who are yet to walk down the aisle as of 2021. Unlike Sal, however, Q was two weeks shy away from actually having a wife before she left him for another man. Understandably, this put him off marriage for a considerable amount of time as he needed to recover. Whether or not Brian Quinn will get a wife in the future remains to be seen.

Former Girlfriend Emily Amick. Rumor Check.

Emily Amick is a make-up artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up as the only child in the family, Emily constantly displayed an interest in the arts and beauty. This paved the way for a stint at Ball State University, which is based in Indiana. While at the institution, Amick pursued a degree in theatre and design.

Pretty Emily Amick in her cute specs
Pretty makeup artist Emily Amick

She also got the chance to work on several student plays and short films.

Other than that, Emily would also get asked to help out at various wedding ceremonies. Before graduating from college in 2012, Emily received an email that would completely change her life. She was contacted by the Olympic U.S Swim Team, who had a major race scheduled before the Olympic trials.

Michael Phelps and a few other pro-athletes were scheduled to feature in a shoot with Summer Sanders. June 2012 also marked an important time in her career as she was brought on to work with the Impractical Jokers.

Emily worked on the show for a spell of two years before deciding to move on to more editorial tasks in order to build her portfolio. She did not want to be typecast in television, which would limit her options in the future. A look at Emily’s portfolio reveals that she has worked on red carpet events such as the BET Awards.

Moreover, Amick also did some freelance work for publications like the New York Times Magazine and Out. Most recently, Emily enjoyed a fruitful relationship with HGTV, lending her talents on ‘Cash in the Attic.’

Her time with the Impractical Jokers also led to a relationship blossoming with Brian Quinn. The two quickly started dating and even got engaged at one point. Things, unfortunately, took a turn for the worst for Q, as Emily left him for a policeman a few weeks before the wedding.

A look at Emily’s Instagram page revealed that she is now married to a man named Shaun. The two had a small civic ceremony at the William Vale back on the 30th of November 2019. Interestingly, this particular day also marked the 68th wedding anniversary for Emily’s grandparents. Emily and her husband were scheduled to have an official wedding last month before the CDC put a pin in their plans. At the time, the world was still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Brian Quinn and Stacy Patella.

Stacy Patella and Brian Quinn are close friends, which is about the extent of their relationship. Moreover, Stacy and Q have also enjoyed a professional relationship from time to time as Q. She serves as Brian’s personal assistant from time to time.

If you are a fan of the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave show, then you might have caught a brief description of Stacy during one of their episodes. She is often described as a remarkably attractive woman who hails from Staten Island.

Interestingly, Stacy has never actually spoken on the mic, which, in turn, led a few people to question her existence. Rumors about her and Quinn took on lives of their own after pictures of the two sharing a kiss surfaced.

Moreover, one recurring theme in the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave fandom is that Stacy frequently rebuffs the advances of Q and Bry. This would suggest that on some level, Brian was open to the idea of taking their relationship to the next level. On the other hand, Stacy clearly just wanted to be his friend.

Net worth and Income.

Sources say that most of Q’s income and subsequent net worth comes from his work on television and comedy. When the Impractical Jokers was first green-lit for its debut season, Quinn and the rest of the jokers were on a salary of $26,000 for each episode. This figure quickly doubled as the first season garnered over 20 million views.

Now, it is estimated that Brian and the rest of the jokers take home $50,000 for every episode they appear in. Besides this, Quinn and the other joker also generate a good amount of wealth from merchandising, as well as tours and live shows.

Tickets start from about $50 and cost as much as $150 (VIP). Looking at the merchandising aspect of the jokers, we found that the jokers sell a number of products online. For instance, the retro vintage style t-shirt is available for $20.

Another popular product is the men’s novelty sock, which retails for $11. All these items are available on their Amazon page. One more avenue of income that Brian has is his work as an executive producer for Tru Tv. As of 2021, Brian Quinn’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Brian Quinn’s Journey in Impractical Jokers.

Q’s journey with the jokers dates back to when he was just 15 and a freshman at Monsignor Farrell High School. As fate would have it, Q met his lifelong friends one afternoon in a scheduled religion class. Murr, Joe, Sal, and Quinn quickly took to each other, realizing that they shared one common interest, comedy.

They formed a comedy troupe and proceeded to spend the rest of their time in high school pranking each other. After a stint in Brooklyn college, Brian took up a position at Beachland Amusements, serving as the park’s ride operator. It was around this time that Sal, Joe, Murr, and Mike Boccio formed the Tenderloins.

The four had ambitions to perform at various live events and even embark on tours. Before they could do so, however, they had to brush up on their act. And so the jokers met several times a week, refining their jokes and coming up with new material. In 2006, Mike Boccio decided to leave the group, which opened the door for Brian to work with his friends again. Q and the Tenderloins started sharing all the content they created across various platforms like YouTube and MetaCafe. In time, they even got the chance to venture into television, appearing on NBC’s ‘It’s your show.’ The tenderloins won $100,000 after performing their ‘Time Thugs’ sketch.

Their most significant break came in 2011, with the première of the Impractical Jokers, which aired on Tru TV. Critics estimate that the very first season of the show, which had 17 episodes, brought home an impressive 32 million views.

As of 2021, the show is set to be renewed for a tenth season. So far, Quinn has appeared in over 200 episodes across the series. Statistics show that Brian is the second least punished joker, having notched up about 51 punishments at last count. However, we should point out that this can also be attributed to the fact that he has done the least amount of challenges.

In an interview, Q revealed that he has suffered from a series of health complications. At some point, Brian was hit with a serious bout of meningitis and encephalitis. It kept him off television for at least a week, and the guys decided to let him skip a challenge or two. One of Q’s most memorable moments on the impractical jokers came in the show’s sixth season. The other jokers shaved off his hair, fashioned it into a wig, and forced Murray to put in on for the rest of the season.

Does Brian Quinn Have a Daughter?

Yes. Brian Quinn has a daughter named Katie. A dive into his personal biography shows that Katie is not his biological daughter. Instead, she is the daughter of one of the very first girls Q ever dated, Elizabeth Remini. Remarkably, Q’s ex-girlfriend is related to television personality Leah Remini. Most TV buffs know her from her time on Kings and Queens.

Elizabeth reportedly asked Q to take care of her daughter while she was in prison. At the time, it was speculated that she had been convicted of drug possession. Brian adopted Katie, raising her as his own daughter in the process.

He even went to court and got full custody of the girl so that he could be her legal guardian. After Elizabeth got out of prison, it is rumored that she tried to regain custody of her daughter. Q, however, rebuffed her advances as he wanted Katie to grow up in a stable environment.

Brian Quinn was a Fire Fighter.

Q is a retired firefighter who worked with New York City Fire Department in Downtown Brooklyn for nearly a decade. He joined FDNY in 2005, four years after the 9/11 tragedy. Moreover, Quinn reported to the department’s main headquarters at 9 Metro Tech Centre.

He and the other firemen were tasked with covering a 302 square mile area, responding to chemical, radioactive, and even biological dangers.

They do this in addition to their primary prerogative, which is basic fire protection. Interestingly, the department Q worked for is the biggest municipal branch in the country. Remarkably, it only comes in second to the department based in Tokyo, Japan. Q would go on to stay with the department for eight long years before he moved on to his venture. When he eventually decided to try a hand at philanthropy, Brian did not forget the FDNY. Sources say that he has donated about $50,000 to help improve the FDNY facilities.

Age and DOB.

On March 14th, 1976, Brian Quinn was born in Brooklyn, New York. Currently, Q is 45-years old, making him the oldest joker in the group. A look at his Facebook page shows that Q has had some memorable birthday celebrations over the years. Back in 2012, for instance, he spent the day on set with his three best friends, striving to make his fans love. In 2017, Q’s birthday fell during an intense snowstorm.

Lucky for Brian, one of his gifts that day was a Nintendo Switch, which helped him pass the time.

Movies and TV shows

In total, Q has 23 credited roles on both television and film. The very first time he appeared on screen was back in 1996, when he played a private in War shots. Three years later, Brian followed this up by taking an uncredited role in Dogma. At the turn of the millennium, Brian started working on several short films at a go. These include titles like ‘A Terrorist ate my Brian’ and ‘The Little Slutty Mermaid.’

Q’s most recent work came during the filming of the television series ‘Scroll Wheel of Time.’ Alongside the other jokers, Brian also stars on the Misery Index. This is a game show that first premiered back in 2019. It pits two teams against each other as they compete to determine who has had the worst life experiences!

Besides acting, Quinn also gradually transitioned into an executive producer on television. To date, he has 11 credited roles, working behind the scenes on projects like the Impractical Jokers: After Party.

Members of Impractical Jokers all together
Members of Impractical Jokers, including Brian Quinn


Brian is the son of James Quinn and Carol Murphy. Sources say that his father James once served in the Air force, leaving his mother to care for the family. Q’s mother hails from Italy, while his father James is originally from Ireland. It means that Quinn has both Italian and Irish roots.

Additionally, Q has two brothers, Danny, who is the youngest, and Jim, the eldest son. Jim would follow in their father’s footsteps, joining the Navy in order to serve his country. When he was just shy of two years old, Q and his family moved from Brooklyn to Staten Island.


Brian has had a few tattoos done over the years. One of the very first tattoos he got was a superman symbol (an encased letter S) on his right upper arm. This particular piece of art reflected his love for the Superman character and the DC universe as a whole. In 2013, while on a tour of New Orleans, Q got an outline of Staten Island on his arm. Before he explained what it was, the picture he posted left a lot of people confused and questioning whether Q had been drunk when he got it.

Brian Quinn an outline of Staten Island tattoo
An outline of Staten Island tattoo in Brian Quinn arm

Other than that, Quinn also got a tattoo of the phrase ‘quixotic’ on his left arm. Most people believe that this is a synonym for Impractical. We cannot talk about Q’s tattoos without mentioning his most peculiar piece of art.

During the third season of the Impractical Jokers, Q, Sal, and Murr all lost a challenge. This means that it was up to Joe to choose their punishment. He decided that each one of them was going to get a tattoo. Q had to get the phrase ‘38-Lives Alone-Has 3 Cats’ inked on his arm. The phrase is also accompanied by the image of a cat, complete with yellow eyes.

Brian Quinn's cat tattoo
Brian Quinn’s tattoo with ‘38-Lives Alone-Has 3 Cats’ phrase and a cat inked on his arm

Brian Quinn was a victim of depression.

Q is very open about the fact that he has had to deal with depression throughout his life. Back in 2018, Brian took to Twitter to speak about his struggles. He revealed that being famous or on television was not a magic cure for anxiety or depression.

This was not the first time he talked about his struggle with depression. Back when he was still an unknown podcast host, Quinn often talked about how he had a tough time in his 20s. It took the intervention of his friends and the help of a therapist to help him deal with his mental health. In one of his interviews, Brian said that he had battled with depression for more than three years.

Moreover, Brian also advised anyone dealing with depression not to be afraid when it came to speaking out. According to his experience, being embarrassed only makes everything worse. If you are beating yourself up, it only compounds the problem.


The very first podcast Q launched as part of a collaboration with Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson. When the very first episode aired back in 2010, Brian was working as an off-mic audio engineer. He’d later transition into one of the main hosts of the show. As of 2021, Tell Em Steve has aired a total of 470 episodes.

In 2012, Brian, Sal, Q, and Joe started the Tenderloins Podcast. They used this platform to reminisce on some of their most memorable moments on tour and on television. Other than that, Brian is also a host on What Say You? This is a podcast he hosts alongside Sal Vulcano. The last episode of the show aired back in February 2020 and saw Q and Sal discuss the film ‘For Bobby and You.’ Remarkably, the podcast’s popularity helped Sal and Q bag the Stitchers Awards in 2013.

Social Media Activity.

One of the platforms Quinn is active on is Instagram, where he has 1.5 million followers. The very latest post he made reflected Q’s love for animals. He found a baby bird and actively searched for its mother to ensure its survival. We also learn that Q has three cats, his favorite being Benjamin the cat.

Brian Quinn posting a picture of a baby bird
Brian Quinn posted a picture of a baby bird.

Brian also uses his Instagram page to promote R & H Beer. This is a brewery which he partly owns after he helped save it from the brink of bankruptcy.

Brian Quinn promoting R & H Beer in his instagram
Brian Quinn promoting R & H Beer

Other than that, Q is also fairly popular on Twitter, where he has 1 million followers. Like his other social media platforms. Brian uses his page for advertising not only his television shows but also his multiple business ventures.

Top Pranks pulled on Brian Quinn.

  • Birds and Bees- In this episode, Q is forced to prepare a demo on sex education and how children are made into elementary school kids. When he gets to the classroom, Q doesn’t find kids. Instead, he finds his parents patiently waiting. Brian is then forced to give the talk to his parents, going into detail on how he lost his virginity. As an added measure of humiliation, the jokers also make him use a bagel and a hot dog to visually describe how babies are made.


  • The Lost Boy- In this episode, the jokers put Q in a Peter Pan costume under the guise that he is going to perform at a musical. When Brian arrived at the scheduled venue, however, he realized that he would be competing in a wrestling match instead. To make matters worse, he was scheduled to compete against a legendary hardcore wrestler, Tommy Dreamer.


  • Welcome to Miami– Being the loser on the night, Q is tasked with facing one of his greatest fears, alligators. Under the guise of a reptile expert, Quinn is forced to retrieve a backpack from an alligator’s back. Q wasn’t aware that the reptile’s powerful jaw had been taped shut, and so he genuinely believed that his life was in danger. To make matters worse, Joe later revealed that the backpack Brian was sent to retrieve wasn’t even his own!
  • Brother of the Sisterhood- In this punishment, Q has to pretend to be a women’s rights activist. He is then taken to a women’s rights event, where he was asked to disagree with every statement made. Unsurprisingly, this did not go down well with the women present at the event. It got even worse once Q proclaimed that Michelle Obama was beautiful, yet not responsible, nor intelligent. As the icing on the cake, Q also had to read a borderline inflammatory quote from his fake blog.



  • What did I Eat– In this episode, Brian is tasked with stopping random strangers and asking them to smell their breath. This goes on until Q accurately guesses what the person in question had for lunch.

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