Maddie Lagina Age, Love life Bio of Marty Lagina’s Daughter

Marty Lagina Daughter Maddie Lagina Age, Love, life, Bio

Maddie Lagina is often taken as a celebrity kid for being the daughter of internationally renowned TV personality Marty Lagina. The star-kid became famous right after she was born as the youngest member of the popular family. Moreover, the appearance of all near-relatives in the TV show Beyond Oak Island except for Maddie has urged … Read more

Randy Fenoli Net Worth. Partner/Wife, Michael Landry, Passed Away.

Randy Fenoli Net Worth, Partner, Michael Landry

Randy Fenoli is an internationally renowned American fashion designer and a television personality of TLC. He has been one of the most successful bridal designers to receive two DEBI awards. Apart from the aforementioned achievements, Randy has also published a book entitled ‘It’s all about the Dress.’ Being a bridal artist, Randy has been able … Read more

Is Life Below Zero Andy Bassich Still with New Wife, Denise Becker?

Life Below Zero Andy Bassich still with Wife Denise Becker

Andy Bassich is a famous TV show personality. People mostly recognize him as the main character of Life Below Zero on the National Geographic Channel. The show host Andy has also played a part in similar other shows with famous personalities like Sue Aikens, Jessie Holmes, Chip, and Agnes Hailstone. In addition, the Washington native … Read more