Who is Eddie Lucas’ Girlfriend? Age and Height

Fans of the series Below Deck surely know a lot of information about Eddie Lucas, who used to be the show’s regular cast. From seasons one to three, the series’ followers were captured by the actor’s expertise in conveying himself.

Are you curious about the reason why Eddie left the series? Read the article below and know more about him and his Age & Height.

Who is Eddie Below Deck?

Image of Eddie Lucas
Eddie Lucas is a known actor and TV personality. He is known as the Below Deck star.

People who watched the reality television series Below Deck are aware of the appearance of a confident Eddie Lucas, who added color to the show. However, they were saddened by the news that the reality star decided not to push through on his job on the Deck.

In 2020, people were shocked to discover that Eddie made his comeback in the show’s 8th season. During his hiatus from the front, he made sure to upskill himself by studying at Green Mountain College, wherein he took adventure education which covers the topics of skiing, paddling, and scuba diving which is vital for his role in the reality show.

Is Eddie Below Deck dating a girlfriend, Amy?

Looking back on the series’ first three seasons, Eddie was open with her relationship with Amy Johnson. However, during the show, he and Amy were not on good terms, thus the actor’s decision to leave the reality series.

Ever since the beginning of the show, Lucas has been secretive when it comes to his personal life. Therefore, it is a big step for him to publicize his girlfriend, Natalie Inada, and the fact that he bought a house in Baltimore together with her.

He thanked the people who supported him in reaching his dreams of owning a house under his name. Eddie’s girlfriend, Natalie, does not like being in the limelight, leaving all of the attention to the Below Deck star.

Eddie Lucas’ Age, Birthday and Height

The 5 foot 8 inches man was born in 1986 in the United States of America. As of this writing, he is enjoying his life as a 35 years old man.

The exact date of his natality is not available publicly, but we will surely update this article once the information is known.

Eddie Lucas’ Net Worth

Eddie’s notoriety with the series has been helpful to him in building his net worth. It was discovered that Lucas enjoys a net worth of $1 million, credited to his hard work in the yacht and the reality show.

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