Is Kim Russo Fake? Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia-Bio

Kim Russo is a celebrity psychic known for her works in the show The Haunting of. It is a show that ran for six seasons that featured different celebrities and their encounter with the paranormal.

Are you curious about the mysterious life of the psychic and whether he is fake? Read this article to learn more about Kim Russo’s Age, Net Worth, and Wikipedia.

Kim Russo Bio and Wikipedia

Image of Kim Russo with her husband, Anthony
Kim Russo with her husband, Anthony

Kim is an American woman who has made a career as a psychic. She grew up in New York and finished studying at Nassau Community College in the year 1983.

According to her, she started seeing unidentified things and beings at a young age. Usually, she sees ghosts, but sometimes she hears other beings too.

How old is Kim Russo? Age and Birthday

Although she has been in the spotlight for many years, the psychic still manages not to reveal personal information. It is known that she celebrates her birthday in July. It is safe to say that the psychic is in her 40s.

Kim Russo’s Net Worth

After Kim’s appearance in the Biography Channel shows The Haunting, her net worth experienced an increase. Because of her exposure, she got more clients and more paychecks. In recent estimates, Russo’s net worth is estimated to be $100 thousand.

Is Kim Russo Fake?

Since the psychic services industry is filled with fraud, many people are skeptical. Also, some mediums are more interested in taking money than helping the person in need.

After gaining a massive following, Kim is not safe from speculations and suspicions. Because of this, ABC news conducted a test to try out if Russo is a fraud or if she is the real deal.

According to Kim, she was able to talk to Byron Pitts’ recently deceased mother. At first, Kim got some wrong information, but she got the correct name of his aunt Diane.

But after the test, Byron decided to google his name, and an obituary of his mother revealed his aunt’s name. Although this was a test conducted by ABC news, it adds more skepticism to Kim Russo and the psychic mediums.

Wedding and Married Life with her husband, Anthony.

Image of Kim Russo's husband, Anthony
Kim Russo’s husband, Anthony

As more and more people approach psychics for help, Kim gains more fans. Since new fans are rushing in, many are curious to know the celebrity psychic’s marital status.

Reports tell that Kim Russo is already in a serious and happy marriage. Kim’s husband is named Anthony, and they met in the 1980s.

After dating for years, the lovely couple decided to exchange vows in 1987. After getting married, Anthony and Kim wanted to start their own family.

Now, the married couple is the proud parents of their three lovely kids. In her social media accounts, Russo expresses her love for her husband in sweet posts with images of them.

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