Mr. Papers Net Worth and Age: Married to Lil Kim? 

Mr. Papers is an aspiring rapper who is famous for being the father of the rapper and TV personality Lil’ Kim’s baby. The news that he was going to be a parent brought him into the public eye rather than any new music he had released.

As the argument between the couple continued, and Papers turned his frustrations to social media, the details of the situation became even more convoluted. After spending some time in Miami, he is now moving forward with his career in the hip-hop industry.

Learn more about Mr. Papers’ Real name, Net worth. And also, look at his relationship with celebrity Lil Kim.

Who is Mr. Papers? Real Name 

Image of Mr. Papers
Mr. Papers is a known rapper and singer. He is also known as Lil Kim’s former partner.

Just like we said earlier, Mr. Papers is an aspiring rapper who is famous for being the father of the rapper and TV personality Lil’ Kim’s baby, whose name is Royal Reign. His real name is Jeremy Neil, but very few people know him by his real name.

Regrettably, very little information was available about him before his romance with Lil’ Kim exposed him to public exposure. This talented rapper is also a popular figure on the internet, where his Instagram account has amassed a following of 170,000 people.

Mr. Papers Net Worth 

According to a reliable site, Mr. Papers has a net worth of $150 to $250 thousand as of 2022. His successful stage performances throughout the years have contributed to his net worth.

He appears as a supporting act at many of Lil’ Kim’s gigs and performs at his own solo shows. In 2013, the couple appeared in the music video “Pour It Up.”

The pair were able to gain a respectable amount of revenue as a result of the film, which received more than 60,000 views on YouTube.

How old is Mr. Papers? Age

Mr. Papers was born in Honduras, US, on the 13th day of June 1988 and is currently 34 years old.

Mr. Papers and Lil Kim’s relationship

Image of Mr. Papers with his former partner, Lil Kim
Mr. Papers with his former partner, Lil Kim.

Mr. Papers and Lil’ Kim began dating back in 2013, which is a very long time ago. The relationship of the couple became so fraught with tension that the question of who would have custody of their daughter became a pressing concern.

He took his complaints about the conflict out into the open as it continued to escalate. In the midst of what was already shaping out to be a bitter custody fight, Kim filed a complaint against him, alleging his history of violent behavior toward her.

All of this transpired not long after Papers filed a motion in court requesting more time with his daughter at the scheduled time. The well-known rapper Lil’ Kim claims in her legal complaint that her ex-partner physically mistreated her throughout their time together when they were together.

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