What is Steven Assanti Doing now in 2022? Wife and Wiki Bio.

Steven Assanti is a social media personality and former television personality. His YouTube Page, Love Handles of Leaks, has caused quite the stir over the years. Rather than taking his health condition seriously, Steven would regularly flaunt the fact that he was overweight.

Some of his most outrageous videos have seen him dance suggestively to famous tracks like ‘My Humps.’ Steven took the world by storm after his star-turning appearance on TLC’s My 600 Pound Life. So, what has Steven Assanti been up to in 2022? Meet his wife as well.

Who is Steven Assanti from My 600 Lb Life?

Steven Assanti was a severely overweight man who first gained traction after appearing on an episode of Dr. Phi. This was back in 2007, in the episode titled ‘House of Hatred.’

The very same year, Steven and his brother Justin would be featured on the 5th season of My 600 Lb Life. Before Dr. Now came into the picture, Steven weighed a shocking 734 pounds.

Both he and his brother were morbidly fat and in danger of succumbing to their condition. As he had with most of his guests before him, Dr. Now designed a very rigid meal plan for Steven. Before he could get the gastric bypass surgery he needed, Steven had to not only adhere to a new diet plan but also follow a strict exercise plan.

Steven Assanti and her brother, Justin Assanti
Steven Assanti and her brother, Justin Assanti

Rather than take the opportunity to change his life, however, Assanti constantly complained and disregarded his doctor’s advice. As such, he gained infamy for his time on the show.

His brother Justin would even go as far as to accuse Steven of abuse when they were kids. This not only extended to him but to their father as well. These allegations were proved true once the episodes starring Steven Assanti aired on TLC.

Things got so bad at one point that Dr. Nowzaradan almost got the authorities involved when Steven started to get a little aggressive with hospital staff. Because of his antics, Steven did not get a chance to complete the program.

What is Steven Assanti Doing now in 2022?

Despite falling out with Dr. Now, Steven was able to lose some weight on his own. However, things got relatively worse for him before the start of 2022. Steven was rushed to the hospital, where doctors confirmed that he had both pneumonia and COVID 19.

For a man his size, this spelled trouble. A few days later, Steven told fans that he was on the road to full recovery, which most fans were glad to hear. Currently, Steven is based in Rhode Island with his wife.

It is fair to say that he is doing much better than when he was a few years ago. Not only did he manage to shed off a lot of pounds, but he was also to his life back on track. Assanti frequently gives interviews to publications like Nicki Swift in a bid to shed the negative image he got from the show.

Wife and Kids.

Back in 2018, Steven married a professional masseuse named Stephanie Sanger. The ceremony was based in Iowa, which is Stephanie’s hometown.

Steven’s wife seems to have taken up the role of caregiver, particularly as his brother and father decided to take a step back. Stephanie frequently posts updates of Steven’s health journey on her social media page.

Steven Assanti with his wife, Stephanie Sanger
Steven Assanti along with his wife, Stephanie Sanger

In an interview, Assanti’s wife revealed that Steven was nothing like he was portrayed on the show. She insisted that TCL Producer dramatized his appearance on the show, falsely misrepresenting his character and personality.

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