Sue Aikens Net Worth: Earning per episode from Life Below Zero.

If you are a fan of the popular documentary show on National Geography named Life Before Zero, you surely know Sue Aikens. She has been a regular on the show since the show aired on May 19, 2013. Sue also has worked as a producer in Panama (2022) and Flying Wild Alaska (2011). Other than that, she has appeared in other reality shows like Sarah Palin’s Alaska (2010), Fox and Friends (2014), and The Joe Rogan Experience (2009).

Now, after a piece of brief information on Sue Aikens, let’s talk about her career in Life Below Zero, Sue Aikens net worth, and how much she makes there per episode.

Sue Aikens Career in Life Below Zero:

Life Before Zero is a show which covers the life of people who live below a sub-zero degree environment and how they cope with it. Sue has been a main cast member from the first season of the show and has appeared in a total of 157 episodes.

Before joining the cast, she had already appeared in other TV reality shows but gained her popularity mostly from Life Before Zero. She is a resident in Northern Alaska in a Kavik river camp from where her life was broadcasted.

Sue Aikens, famous cast member of Life Below Zero
Sue Aikens, a famous cast member of Life Below Zero

In February 2017, Sue decided to file a lawsuit against the show. Her claim was the contract was inconvenient and was inconsiderate towards her safety. The lawsuit and her being stressed seemed like Sue would leave the show but didn’t.

How much Does Sue Aikens make per Episode of Life below Zero?

Sue being a regular cast member of the show, is paid the highest salary. She gets $4500 per episode as of 2022.

Net Worth:

Sue Aikens’s net worth comprises of her being a cast member of Life Below Zero and running bed and breakfast in Northern Alaska. Her remote B&B, Kavik River Camp, is a perfect destination for nature-loving people and also for people who like hunting and fishing. The cost of staying a night is $350. Other information about Kavik River Camp can be found on their website.

Sue Aikens net worth and income sources
Susan Aikens earns $4500 per episode from Life below zero

Adding all of these, her net worth comprises almost $500k (2022).

Sue is active on social media sites and has 40.3k followers on her Instagram account and 27.9k on her Twitter account.

Full Name Susan Aikens
Popular as Sue Aikens
Date of birth 1963, July 1st
Age (2022) 54
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois, USA
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Relationship status Single
Husband 3 (all divorced)
Children 2
Grandchildren 2
Net worth $500k
Instagram @sueaikens
Twitter Sue Aikens

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