Tony Beets Net worth, Wife Minnie Beets, and Family.

Tony Beets is a famous television star who is a cast member in a popular television series named ‘Gold Rush.’ He was born on Dec 15, 1959, in Wijdener, Netherlands.

Tony is a gold producer of the Klondike and is one of the best in the business. Twenty-five years ago, Tony moved to Canada from the Netherlands and started working at paradise hill on the paradise hill claim. His continuous struggle in his early days made him a millionaire miner.

Tony is entertaining and funny. The people of his hometown recognize him as ‘Tony Peep’ as a courtesy to his never-ending swears. He is passionate about the mining industry and his crew. Let’s talk about his wife, Minnie Beets.

This article provides information on the TV star’s family, net worth, and other wiki facts.

Tony Beets Net Worth?

Beets earned his primary income from his gold mining business. He is unerringly one of the most successful gold miners of all time. He is also the wealthiest cast member of the popular Discovery show.

As of 2021, the net worth of Tony is estimated at around 15 million USD. He receives a handsome salary of 25 thousand USD per episode, which is also the highest on the show.

House and car

Tony owns a luxurious house in Arizona, where he lives with his family. He also holds several gold mines in Yukon.

A year ago, he built a small vacation cottage 20 kilometers from Paradise Hills. We can see him touring the house with his wife on this YouTube video.

Tony owns a pickup truck which he drives in the show. Further information on his car is not available.

His wife, Minnie Beets

Tony Beets met his wife, Minnie Beets, when they were children. They were a childhood sweetheart pair living next door to each other and began their relationship in 1978 at the end of their teenage years. The couple got married in 1984 when Beets was 24 and his wife, Minnie, was 23.

Minnie Beets is a spokesperson and model for Gorilla cookies. She also handles the company’s paperwork and accounting. She frequently appears in the show and is a well-known name among ‘Gold Rush’ fans.

Image of famous TV personality, Tony Beets and his wife
Famous Cast member of ‘Gold Rush,’ Tony Beets and his wife, Minnie Beets


The couple has four children Kevin, Monica, Mike, and Bianca. They also had a daughter named Jasmine, who died unfortunately in 1992 when she was just two months old. It was devastating for the family to lose their youngest, but they eventually got through.

The children help their parents in lifting their business in mine. The daughter of Beets, Monica, has been married to Taylor Mayes since 2018. They first met in a gold mine and started dating. Another daughter, Bianca, is a TV personality featured in a Canadian reality show.


Tony has a grandson Eagan who recently made a feature in one of the episodes of ‘Gold Rush.’

In the episode, Tony teaches his grandson to fix a broken valve. Eagan is the son of his biological daughter, Bianca.

Where is Tony from?

Tony is from the Netherlands. He is one of the biggest miners in Klondike.

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