Bridget Lancaster Wikipedia, Age, and Net Worth. Married to husband?

Watching videos nowadays is more comprehensive than reading, which makes chefs like Bridget Lancaster effective as they demonstrate their skills on national television. Still staying on the line of cooking, she is also known for being a host and a producer.

People have been watching America’s Test Kitchen, preceded by Bridget, since its first airing in 2001. Moreover, the show is widely known because of the participation of Lancaster, a remarkable figure in the field.

Assuming many roles at once may be draining for some, but not for Bridget. If you want to know more about her, read this Wikipedia article further to discover more about the chef’s age, net worth, and husband.

Bridget Lancaster Wikipedia and Bio

Image of Bridget Lancaster
Bridget Lancaster is a known Executive Editorial Director. She is known as the director and co-host of America’s Test Kitchen

Ever since Bridget was a child, she has exhibited the traits of being a good chef. The famous cook said her skills were honed every time she created something for special events like Christmas with her mother.

Talking about her education, she finished her secondary degree at Nitro High School. After completing the required years, Bridget graduated from Ohio State University, which became a stepping stone for her to reach her dreams as a chef.

People are aware of her existence because of her participation with America’s Test Kitchen, which is still running. Aside from her main job as a mentor in the show, she was able to write a book; Cooking at Home With Bridget & Julia, and establish a school; America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School.

Bridget Lancaster is married to a husband, Stephen Lancaster.

Like any other individual in this world, Bridget aimed to have her own better half to spend her life with. Luckily, she is married to Stephen Lancaster, a chef; their bond is undoubtedly great, given the same interests.

Sources state that the couple had their first encounter in a cooking show where they are at their best selves. Since then, their relationship started and is currently thriving in Marblehead, Massachusetts, with their two youngsters named Tom and James.

As established professionals, the couple made sure to put some gap between the births of their children, having Tom in 2002 and James in 2008, which is perfect for the children to understand the value of brotherhood.

How old is Bridget Lancaster? Age and Birthday

The professional chef will be celebrating her 54th birthday on the 30th of November, 2022, because she was welcomed into this world in 1968 in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. She is the daughter of Linda and Jim Lancaster. Her parents inspired her to be a chef.

Bridget Lancaster’s Net Worth and Salary

With her early foundations in cooking, she established a good rapport in the field starting from her first job. Therefore, she is highly valued in her workplace, America’s Test Kitchen, which made her a regular on the said show.

It was identified that Bridget Lancaster currently enjoys a net worth of $2 million, credited to her hard work and passion. Explicitly, sources state that her salary as a host is equal to $59,650 yearly while earning $85,556 on her job as an executive editor.

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