Is Brooke Ence divorced her husband? Age, Wiki, Height, and Net Worth

Brooke Ence is a well-known CrossFit coach and actress. She is known for her role as Penthesilea in the 2017 superhero movie “Wonder Woman.”

She began her journey toward a healthier lifestyle by pursuing a career in dancing. Brooke attended the University of Utah and gained a degree in Modern Dance.

Learn more about Brooke Ence’s age, net worth, height, and measurements in this article. See if she is dating a boyfriend after the actress’ divorce from Marston Sawyers.

 Who is Brooke Ence? Wiki

Just like we said earlier, Brooke Ence is a well-known CrossFit coach and actress. She was allowed to participate in Las Vegas, and to do so; she needed to learn how to perform gymnastics and climb ropes.

A mutual acquaintance persuaded Brooke to check out the CrossFit Gym so that she could improve her skill sets. Her first step into the realm of fitness was making use of the CrossFit Gym’s facilities.

Image of Brooke Ence

During her first year competing in the fitness sector, Brooke qualified for the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2015. This accomplishment helped her establish a name for herself in the fitness industry.

After a career as a professional dancer, Ence is currently working as a fitness coach at CrossFit West Santa Cruz in California. The attention that the CrossFit athlete receives from her followers on social media is also growing.

Brooke Ence divorced her husband, Marston Sawyers, in 2020. 

In 2007, Brooke was at Del Taco when she was introduced to Marston Sawyers, a director. She was just 18 years old when they started dating after they had met for the first time, and they continued to be together even though they had been in a long-distance relationship for two years.

2010 was the year that the two began pursuing a career in the CrossFit industry together. In 2012, the couple made the decision to relocate to Santa Cruz, and two years later, on the 9th day of August 2014, they got married in San Diego, California.

Image of Brooke Ence with her ex-husband Marston Sawyers.
Brooke Ence posing with her ex-husband Marston Sawyers.

The news that Brooke and her husband, Marston, were divorcing in 2018 shocked the business because the couple appears to be the ideal couple.

Their devoted following was understandably anxious about their impending divorce, but she did not provide any details regarding the split.

The actress shared with her fans and followers that the process of getting a divorce is extremely difficult for her and that she is unable to respond to any of their queries.

During these trying circumstances, the fitness model begged everyone to give her their time and respect the privacy of her personal life.

 How old is Brooke Ence? Age

Brooke, whose age is 33, was born in California, US, on the 10th day of August 1989 and spent her childhood there.

 Is Brooke Ence dating a boyfriend currently?

As of the right moment, Brooke does not have a boyfriend. The famed CrossFit coach appears to be putting all of her attention into her career.

Height and Measurements

She stands at the height of 5’7 and has a body weight of 77kg. Her body measurements are 33-23-34.

Brooke Ence’s Net Worth

According to a reliable source, Brooke Ence has an estimated net worth of $3.5 Million as of 2022. Most of her wealth comes from her career as a coach, actress, and business ventures.

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