Is Cuptoast Face Revealed? Height, Age, Boyfriend, Wiki

Online gaming and streaming have been rampant on the internet even before the series of lockdowns occurred. One of the people profiting from their online streaming is a Twitch user named Cuptoast.

As of this writing, she has over 98,000 followers on her Twitch channel, which helped her gain notoriety in the game community. Cuptoast also enjoys the profits she gets from her YouTube channel, with over 139,000 subscribers.

Is there news with regards to Cuptoast’s face reveal? How about her Height and Age? Read this Wikipedia-type article further to discover more about the Twitch streamer.

Who is Cuptoast? Real Name and Wiki

Image of Cuptoast
Cuptoast is an American YouTube content creator. She uploads animations and artworks on her channel.


Many people are curious about the real identity of the streamer because she makes sure to mask her identity with a box carton doodled with a cat face. It was discovered that she is a natural-born Vietnamese who was raised in the United States of America for better opportunities.

Despite hiding behind an anonymous identity, she makes sure to express herself through art in her art accounts across different platforms. Furthermore, she has been active in streaming with many streamers; some of them are 5up, Fundy, and Awesamdude.

Is Cuptoast Face revealed?

Image of Cuptoast

It seems like Cuptoast has been comfortable staying anonymous until this writing. No reports stated that the famous Twitch streamer had already revealed her true identity or her face.

A fun fact about Cuptoast is that she is allergic to cats and shellfish, which is ironic with her kitty cardboard box, which hides her true self. Nevertheless, people assume that the streamer is hiding her face because she wants to live a different life apart from her reality, which is happening with her audience as of this writing.

How old is Cuptoast? Age

Aside from her face, people are also curious about how old she is Cuptoast, which was answered by some sources stating that she was born on the 18th day of May in 2005. Therefore, she celebrated his 17th birthday on the 18th day of May in 2022.

Fans of the streamer stated that Cuptoast is hiding her face because of her age. Surfing the internet is never safe, especially for minors like her, which may be a factor in why the YouTuber opted to conceal her true identity.

How tall is Cuptoast? Height

Based on her social media posts, it was assumed that the height of Cuptoast is more or less than 5 feet and an inch, which is an average height for Asian women. Considerably small when compared to the measurement of Americans, the streamer indeed has a beautiful physique based on the pictures she shares online.

Does Cuptoast have a boyfriend?

As someone who does not reveal her true identity on the internet, it can be assumed that there is no information about her dating status Cuptoast. However, it was discovered that she is not yet committed to a relationship because she is still young.

Furthermore, the YouTuber once mentioned that she does not want to commit to a relationship because it might affect her job as a streamer across different platforms. Moreover, if she was to have a partner, she wished that he would share the same interest as her so that conflicts would be minimized.

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