Who is Donny Pangilinan Girlfriend/E-x-Girlfriends?

The Philippines is not just known for its beautiful tourist spots but also for its world-class talents. The leading network in the country, ABS-CBN, has been credited for its high standards for people who want to enter the industry, one of the lucky ones selected in Donny Pangilinan.

He rose to fame in 2016 when he was assigned to serve as a VJ in Myx, a music channel on Philippine television. His appearance on the said program opened many opportunities for him, including his first film, Walwal, which premiered in 2018.

Does Donny Pangilinan have a girlfriend as of this writing? Continue browsing this Wikipedia-type article to discover more about the actor and his love life.

Who is Donny Pangilinan?

Image of Donny Pangilinan
Donny Pangilinan is a known Filipino actor, singer, and athlete. He is known as Belle Mariano’s rumored boyfriend and the leading man in the TV series called He’s into Her

Belonging to the family of artists and influencers, Donny Pangilinan has been soaring in his career in the show business as of this writing. He did not limit himself to acting because he could also sing, host, and model, which can be considered a whole package as an artist.

According to sources, they did not expect Donny to be an emerging artist because of his shy nature. However, it was a shocker for his family, especially since he is now one of the rising stars in the network.

It was a piece of positive news that the young actor could conquer his fears and show his best self at all times. Some of the movies and series he starred in are He’s Into Her and James & Pat & Dave, which are all under production by Star Cinema.

Who Donny Pangilinan girlfriend/ex-girfriend?

Image of Donny Pangilinan with his loveteam and rumored girlfriend, Belle Mariano
Donny Pangilinan with his loveteam and rumored girlfriend, Belle Mariano

A man of looks, wit, and physique, Donny Pangilinan captured the heart of many Filipinos, bringing the question of his dating status to the table. The young actor disclose that he is in a good place with his co-actress, Belle Mariano.

The alleged couple has been making their followers happy through their gestures on and off camera, illustrating that they are a real-life couple. The authenticity of their relationship was strengthened when Mariano was invited to Pangilinan’s church and was baptized into Christianism.

Before Belle, Pangilinan was linked to Kisses Delavin, an actress from the Philippines. Although the former love team looked good together, it is evident that they are just doing their job as artists.

Donny Pangilinan Age and Height

Donato Antonio Laxa-Pangilinan was born on the 10th day of February 1998. He celebrated his 23rd birthday with his closest friends and family, which became more memorable because Belle planned a surprise party for him.

Many Filipino men are envious of the young actor’s height because he is 6 feet tall as of this writing. If he does not have any work as an actor, he will surely pass as a basketball player in the country.

Donny Pangilinan Parents: Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa

Image of Donny Pangilinan with his parents, Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa
Donny Pangilinan with his parents, Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa

The parents, Donny, also have known personalities in the field of show business. His mother, Maricel Laxa, is an award-winning actress who started her career in 1989 and is still relevant today.

On the other hand, his father, Anthony Pangilinan, is the brother of the then-aspiring Vice President of the Philippines, Kiko Pangilinan. Despite the fame they are enjoying now, the parents of the young actor made sure to keep themselves grounded through the words of God.

Indeed, Donny is who he is today with the guidance of his parents from he was a child until now. The actor has a good relationship with his parents, which is something that Belle greatly admires because it comes to show that Donny has been raised well.

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