Ingrid Vandebosch Age and Net Worth

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you indeed saw Ingrid Vandebosch in one of its episodes as Ginny Weasley. Apart from the famous portrayal, she is also the loving wife of Jeff Gordon, who is also an actor and a philanthropist.

Are you curious about Jeff Gordon’s wife? What about his Age and Net Worth? Read this Wikipedia-type article to discover more about Ingrid Vandebosch.

Who is Ingrid Vandebosch?

Image of Ingrid Vandebosch with her husband, Jeff Gordon
Ingrid Vandebosch with her husband, Jeff Gordon.

Belgium is notorious for producing good-looking and talented artists, including Ingrid Vandebosch. Because of her physical appearance, especially her height, she was scouted as a model while doing her part as an actress.

One can assume that being featured in Vogue is an ultimate dream, which Ingrid achieved as she became one of the featured celebrities on the magazine’s cover. Moreover, she did not let her chance in the acting industry go to waste, which is why she did her best in the films she was chosen to appear in, specifically Going Greek and Taxi, wherein she received an award called Elite Look of the Year.

How Old is Ingrid Vandebosch? Age

On the 8th day of November 1970, a beautiful baby girl named Ingrid Vandebosch was welcomed into this world. She was born in Limburg, Belgium, and is currently 52 years old.

She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, with her parents being the chief executive officer and owner of Wright & Teague. It was also discovered that she is second in the birth order among her siblings.

Ingrid Vandebosch’s net worth

Her exemplary performance in modeling and acting has been commended by many critics, meaning she has been earning well in her area of specialization. According to sources, the former supermodel accumulated a net worth of $150 million as of this writing.

Ingrid Vandebosch is Married to Husband Jeff Gordon

Image of Ingrid Vandebosch with her husband, Jeff Gordon
Ingrid Vandebosch with her husband, Jeff Gordon.

Being in the same industry, Ingrid and Jeff’s paths became intertwined with each other through a social gathering. It was reported that their first encounter occurred sometime in 2002.

It seemed like destiny worked in their favor, having them meet two years after, wherein they started coming out as a couple. Two years after announcing their relationship publicly, the lovely duo announced a month later that they were already engaged.

Their engagement date occurred on the 24th day of June in 2006. It was a wonder how the couple managed to keep their wedding a secret despite being one of the most famous couples in the industry.

According to the couple, Ingrid walked down the aisle to tie the knot with Jeff on the 7th day of November in 2006, five months after their engagement. The supermodel welcomed their first child the following year and decided to name her Ella Sofia Gordon.

She celebrates her birthday every 20th day of June every year. Three years later, their prayers to have a boy were heard because Jeff Gordon’s wife gave birth to a baby boy named Leo Benjamin Gordon on the 9th day of August in 2010.

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