Jan Markell Net Worth, Illness, Husband, and Age

Jan Markell is a Christian fundamentalist and a host from the USA. It would appear that she is Michele Bachmann‘s close buddy, as she frequently invites her to appear on the radio show that she hosts.

She is relentless in her efforts to forewarn her audience not just of the perils posed by encroaching sharia and “socialist” but also of the dangers posed by the forces of the occult, such as Harry Potter or Pokémon.

Keep reading to learn more about Jan Markell, including her Biography, Net Worth, Age, Illness, and Health. Also, his husband, in this Wikipedia-style biography.

Who is Jan Markell? Biography 

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Jan Markell is a known spiritual and Christian gospel radio host. She is also the founder and Director of Olive Tree Ministries, Inc.

Just like we said earlier, she is a Christian fundamentalist and a host. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Her mother raised Jan in the evangelical faith, but her father was Jewish and adhered to the Orthodox tradition.

Jan was invited to a Baptist Church by a Christian neighbor when she was 11 years old. The neighbor wanted her to hear a famous Messianic evangelist whose name was Hyman Appleman.

Since that time, Jan has been convicted, and her mother has also been convicted as a result of Jan sharing the message with her. As a result, when Jan was a teenager, she started studying the prophetic word of God.

Unfortunately, her mother lost her battle with cancer in 1987, and during her father’s final years, he came to trust Yeshua. In addition, she asserts that she is a Bible-believing Christian who was brought up in a family descended from Jewish people.

Jan Markell’s Net Worth 

For the past four decades, she has maintained writing, public speaking, and radio hosting careers. As a result, there is not the slightest shred of reasonable doubt that Jan has been able to amass respectable career earnings throughout her working life.

As of the year 2022, Jan’s net worth is 3.5 million dollars. According to a reliable site, she has an annual salary of $130 thousand.

Jan Markell Illness and Health

In 1985, three years after establishing Olive Tree Ministries, she received a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). As a result, Jen struggled with the condition for over twenty years until she experienced a miracle healing in the year 2001, at which point her health was completely restored.

 Is Jan Markell married to a husband?

Markell has never been in a committed relationship with a man, and to this day, she does not even have a dating history. On the other hand, she is a doting mother to his two cats, whose names are Josh and Elijah, and she beams with pride whenever they are around.

How old is Jan Markell? Age and Birthday

Markell is 78 years old. She was born on February 20, 1944, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US, and spent her childhood there.

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