Kamal Givens Wife, Net Worth, Gay, Kids, Age, Brother

Kamal Givens is a rapper and TV personality from the USA. The show that brought him the most attention was his participation in the reality TV show “I Love New York,” in which he was one of 20 potential partners competing for the affections of Tiffany Pollard.

He came in the twentieth. Kamal is also a popular figure on Instagram, where he has amassed more than 390 thousand followers and regularly shares updates about his life.

In addition to co-hosting “Real Chance of Love with his brother Chase, he also appeared in an episode of “One Mo Chance,” which aired on the Zeus Network in 2020.

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Kamal Givens is not married to a wife but dating a girlfriend, Michelle.

Image of Kamal Givens wit his girlfriend, Michelle
Kamal Givens with his girlfriend, Michelle

Kamal is not married to a wife but dating a girlfriend whose name is Michelle. The two doting sweethearts began their relationship in 2009. In addition to this, Kamal was participating in the reality series “I Love New York,” in which he was looking for a woman to marry.

On the other side, Givens did not have a lot of success when it came to marriage. However, in an attempt to find love, he co-created the show “Real Chance of Love” with his brother Ahmad Givens, who has since passed away.

The TV personality has spent a significant amount of time working in the entertainment world, so having sexual encounters with women is nothing new to him. The first relationship that Kamal had was with a woman whose name was Yasmine Lopez.

Similarly, according to a source, Tifanny Lopez was his second girlfriend. The two of them first crossed paths in the year 2007.

How many kids does kamal givens have? 

According to many sources, Kamal has a daughter named Demi with Michelle. However, the TV personality hasn’t shared any information about her daughter, including her birth details.

He doesn’t even post any pictures of his daughter on Instagram. There are rumors that he has a son; however, there is no proof to support these claims.

If there is any new information regarding his children, it will be included in this section when it is updated.

Kamal Givens Net Worth

According to a reliable source, Kamal has a net worth of $300 thousand as of 2022. He gained his wealth by appearing in different shows.

According to reliable sites, He earns anywhere from $750 to $75,000 each episode from his role as a reality TV star. Additionally, it is reasonable to assume that he was paid enough for his work on television.

When one examines his life, it is clear that he is living a humble life, raising the question of whether or not he is capable of leading a luxurious life.in

Is Kamal Givens gay?

Kamal is a straight man, but his fans believe he is gay. Even though his fans think he is gay, Kamal has a kid and a loving relationship with his girlfriend, Michelle.

So, it is reasonable to assume that he is straight. There is also a video on YouTube in which, according the video, Kamal has a stalker who is accusing him of being gay. You can watch the video here.

How old is Kamal Givens? Age

Kamal was born in Los Angeles, California, the US, on March 25, 1981, which means that he is currently 41 years old.

Kamal Givens Brother: Micah Givens, Sean Givens, and Ahmad Givens

Image of Kamal Givens with his siblings
Kamal Givens with his siblings

He was brought up by his parents, Claudia (mother) and Robert Givens (father). In addition, Kamal and his three brothers, whose names are Ahmad, Sean, and Micah Givens, spent their childhood on a horse ranch.

Ahmad, one of his brothers, went away in 2015 as a result of complications arising from colon cancer. And each of the brothers, in addition to being individual members of the rap ensemble “Stallionaires,” is a rapper.

In addition to that, he completed his education at a local school in his hometown, where he attended classes throughout his childhood. Micah, who is his brother, is also a TV personality who has been on “One Mo’ Chance.” Micah is also an Instagram sensation with around 49 thousand followers on the platform.

Since Sean does not even have a social media presence, it is quite difficult to locate any information about him. We will update this section immediately if we find any information about Kamal’s brother Sean.

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