Who is Michael Blaustein Girlfriend/Wife? His Age and Net Worth

Michael Blaustein is an author, successful actor, and headliner comedian who performs worldwide. Michael is known for hosting a well-liked podcast, “Stiff Socks,” with the comedian Trevor Wallace and for his work on hit television series like “Person of Interest.”

Michael is a well-known and in-demand celebrity who is notable for being a comedian. He starred in various movies like Death of the Dead and more. He has appeared in advertisements for Sprint and AXE.

Michael started acting way back. He later transitioned to playing the lead in comedic films after becoming involved in commercials. Additionally, he developed a love for stand-up comedy. The actor was seen on television because he has worked as a host and comedian on both big and small screens.

In addition, Blaustein has a history of serving as a show host. Overall, Michael had experienced a lot before becoming a well-known television personality.

Who is Michael Blaustein’s romantic partner? Is it a girlfriend or a wife? What is his age? And what is his current net worth? Know all of this by reading this article.

Who is Michael Blaustein?

Image of Michael Blaustein
Michael Blaustein is a famous comedian, an actor, and an award-winning writer

In Maryland, United States, Michael Blaustein is where he was born and raised. He was born in Colombia to a mom from Puerto Rico and a Colombian father. In addition, Michael is loving and creative like his zodiac sign, Leo.

His wonderful sister, who had just given birth to adorable twins, lived next to Michael when they were little. He is of white heritage even though he was born in the US.

Michael pursued a marketing degree at Coastal Carolina University in Conway. In addition, Michael is well-known for his role as the lead in the 2019 drama Up There, which he and Daniel Weingarten co-directed. He portrayed the down-on-his-luck journalist Champ in the movie.

Although relatively fresh to YouTube with the video “It’s SO HARD being a WHITE person,” Michael has reached quite a following on the internet with his well-liked content.

Is Michael Blaustein dating a girlfriend or married to a wife?

Michael Blaustein has not yet dated anyone as of 2022. He has never before been married. Previously, Michael had his past relationship, but it never took long.

How old is Michael Blaustein?

An American humorist from Maryland, Michael Blaustein, is 34 years old. On August 7, 1988, a Sunday, he was born.

Michael Blaustein’s Net Worth

Michael is one of the best-known and affluent entertainers. Being a successful actor and comedian indicates that the net worth of Michael Blaustein is about $1 million as of 2022

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