Steezy Kane Age, Height, Net Worth, and Real Name

Steezy Kane is an American YouTuber in the Los Angeles area. His channel has more than three million subscribers and is already verified.

The American YouTuber has been on the platform for six years and started posting in 2016. Now, he consistently uploads videos and easily gains thousands of views.

Want to know more about the American YouTuber? Read this article about Steezy Kane’s age and height, net worth, and Bio.

Who is Steezy Kane? Real Name

Image of Steezy Kane
Steezy Kane, also known as Isaiah Shepard, is a known filmmaker, artist, and YouTuber content creator.

The American YouTuber Steezy Kane has seen massive growth in his following in recent years, especially during the pandemic.

Isiah Shepard, more famously known as Steezy, is an American male who received massive success from making videos on the YouTube platform.

During his high school days, Isiah decided to start posting on YouTube for fun and did not expect his videos to get viral. His content mostly revolves around comedic skits.

He also makes videos interacting with random people in public. His video entitled HIGHEST IN THE ROOM gained eight million views.

How old is Steezy Kane? Age and Birthday

After his rise to fame, many people became curious about his personal information. Thankfully, some details about his life are shared with the public.

Steezy grew up in Austin, Texas. He was born on the ninth day of April in the year 2000 and is currently 22 years of age.

Net Worth and Merch

In recent years, the American YouTuber’s net worth experienced steady growth. His videos that have content that involve the public became a massive hit on the platform and enabled him to gain more views and subscribers.

In 2022, his net worth is estimated to be $600 thousand. He earns from his YouTube videos more than $2 thousand every month.

Aside from this, Steezy also earns money from his merchandise. On his website,, the American YouTuber, sells clothes and items that are exclusive to his brand.

His latest release is the OTP line which includes a Flamingo Tee, RGB Tee, and other clothing items. Prices of these range from $10 to $31.

How tall is Steezy Kane? Height

In his videos, Steezy appears as someone tall. This is true to life because he stands at 5’6 ft at sixty-six kilograms of weight.

Where does Steezy Kane live?

In 2020, Steezy decided to leave Austin, Texas, and move to another city. But according to him, he still wants to buy a house in Texas in the near future.

Kane’s new residence is in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, he showed his new home’s interior.

It is an apartment-style studio home. It has a balcony with a good view of the Los Angeles skyline. The house also has its own work area and a clean and modern kitchen.

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