Who is AJ Hawk’s Wife Laura Quinn Hawk?

Retired professional linebacker Aaron James “A.J.” Hawk, who competed for the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, and Cincinnati Bengals, is now a sports analyst. Hawk used to have standout high school tenure at Elks High School, establishing the milestone for most tackles in professional life and three times recording the highest number of tackles in a match. He is married to his wife, Laura Quinn Hawk. Details about his love life and kids are below.

Hawk eventually played for Ohio State, where he received All-American recognition two times. In the 2006 NFL Draft, the Packers picked him as the fifth overall choice. The Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, with the large number 50 leading the way.

Who is AJ Hawk?

Born on 6th January 1984 in Kettering, Ohio, Aaron James Hawk is an American Sports Analyst and former professional linebacker for American football who spent 11 seasons in the National Football League (NFL).

He participated in Ohio State University’s collegiate football program, in which he was twice named an All-American and received the Lombardi Award in 2006.

Image of AJ Hawk

Hawk played with the Green Bay Packers from 2006 to 2010, claiming a Super Bowl with them in 2010. Hawk was selected by them in the initial stage of the 2006 Draft Pick. Before quitting football in 2016, he additionally competed for the Atlanta Falcons and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Who is AJ Hawk’s wife, Laura Quinn Hawk?

Laura Quinn Hawk is better recognized as the sports analyst and former football linebacker, A.J. Hawk. In addition to being A.J. Hawk’s wife, she is also renowned for her work as an interior designer.

Laura comes from a family that is really into fashion and is the younger sister of former American quarterback Brandy Quinn. Four-time mother Laura is the proprietor of LCH Interiors in Columbus, Ohio.

She founded LCH Interior back in 2017 when she was a resident of Green Bay. LCH Interiors is a company that specialized in supplying window coverings.

Specialized new fabrication and remodeling are LCH’s areas of expertise. LCH offers full-service designing, from choosing hard finishes to furniture and draperies.

The interior design company decorates their houses according to their customer’s preferences. The activity of LCH Interiors is equally dispersed throughout the country, with projects in six multiple states.

AJ Hawk and Wife, Laura Quinn’s Relationship

Laura Hawk (formerly Quinn), a retired field hockey player at Ohio State University, is married to AJ Hawk. The couple got married on 4th July 2006, the same year that the NFL selected AJ.

Before tying the knot, A.J. and his wife Laura Hawk, were college sweethearts and they had encountered when they were both students at Ohio State in 2004. Two boys, Lennon and Hudson, and two girls, Landry and Makenna, make up their family of four.

Image of AJ Green with his wife and kids

As they have been partners for nearly 17 years, AJ and Laura have really supported one other’s professional pursuits. AJ has relied on Laura for comfort throughout his football profession, and the two of them have collaborated on several charitable activities.

They frequently post photos of their family on social media. The Hawk couple appears to possess a healthy and affectionate bond, and they reside in Dublin, Ohio, along with their four kids.

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