Chris Doumitt Wikipedia Biography.

Image of famous TV personality, Chris Doumit

Chris Doumitt is a miner, carpenter, and master marksman. He is a TV actor currently featuring on the popular Discovery series ‘Gold Rush.’ Chris is a man of solid discipline and an impressive work ethic, as seen in the show. His remarkable skills and the ability to pull all-nighters when demanded by the task formed … Read more

Is Tyler Mahoney from “Gold Rush” Married? Her Net Worth & Age.

Image of famous TV personality, Tyler Mahoney

Tyler Mahoney is a TV personality currently featuring on the popular Discovery show ‘Gold Rush.’ She is not new to the industry, having already worked in a similar series, ‘Aussie Gold Hunters.’ Tyler is currently working with Parker Schnabel’s crew in the long-abandoned mines of the Outback. She is a fourth-generation prospector from Western Australia, … Read more

Is Jack Hoffman still Alive?

Image of famous TV personality, Jack Hoffman

Jack Hoffman is a famous American TV Personality who mined gold for over 25 years in Alaska. He was born on September 15, 1947, in Sandy, Oregon. At the age of 18, he got into the United States military during the Vietnam war. He was a real estate broker in his early career who got … Read more

Fred Hurt Net Worth, Wife, Wiki

Image of renowned TV personality of Gold Rush, Fred Hurt and Jennifer

Fred hurt is a veteran gold miner. He was born on July 10, 1943, in Minot, North Dakota. Also a businessman and a travel enthusiast, Fred is one of the first cast members to feature on the popular Discovery show ‘Gold Rush.’ He has worked as a commercial diver in the Gulf of Mexico and … Read more