How old is Alex Lagina? Net Worth, Wikipedia, of Marty Lagina Son

Alex Lagina is Marty Lagina’s son. Decades after the Lagina brothers captured Oak Island; TV producers proposed a show for them. The show would unfold the truth of the island. Subsequently, The Curse of Oak Island arrived in 2014.

The show turned out to be a masterpiece for those fantasizing that they could explore the world hunting for treasures. Moreover, the giant fanbase show garnered manifests that the want for adventure is an emotion that many people can connect with.

Indeed, Lagina’s team has dedicated a lot of their lives to the pursuit of the fortunes of Oak Island. The team also incorporates Marty’s only son Alex Lagina. Constantly, he appears in the show next to other crews. However, like other series frequenters Charles Barkhouse or Gary Drayton, he might not be recognized by many show viewers.

Thus, the article contains a few things you would like to know about Alex Lagina, including his net worth and Wikipedia.

Alex Lagina Age, Birthday

Born in 1987, Alex is 34 years 11 months as of February 2022. Fans can wish him on 25th March.

Alex Lagina Wikipedia

Alex was born in Traverse, Michigan, USA. His parents are Marty and Margaret Olivia Lagina.

He has a sister Madelin Lagina. They both spent their childhood together in their hometown.

While only limited information is available on his academics, however, what is known is that he attended a local high school in his junior years.

Following his father’s footprints, he joined the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Eventually, he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 2008.

Immediately after graduation, Marty Lagina’s son returned to Traverse to assist his father and their family business. His exact role in the business is not known yet. Anyway, he worked for Terra Energy, an oil and gas research company his father owned. Later, the CMS Energy Corporation purchased the company for $58 million.

Alex Lagina with his parents and sister
Alex Lagina with his parents, Marty and Margaret Olivia Lagin, and sister, Maddie

While supporting his family business, he initiated his own winery business. Currently, he manages Marie Vineyards Wines and also looks after his family business often.

Similarly, the Lagina family owns the largest wind turbine in Michigan State. Alex himself handles this business as well.

Besides business, he is renowned as one of the members of the documentary TV show, The Curse of Oak Island. On January 5, 2014, History Network first telecasted the show. It features Marty and Rick Lagina trying to expose the enigma of Oak Island.

It also presents people residing on the island, hunting for hidden treasures for a long period. Furthermore, the show also unveils the past, discoveries, and speculation related to the island.

Marty Lagina’s son Alex joined the show from its episode aired on 28 Feb 2017. At present, he also co-produces the show. He has jointly produced a total of 46 episodes of the show till 2022. Moreover, he also appeared in10 episodes of The Curse of Civil War Gold (2018 Documentary).

Alex Lagina Net Worth

As of February 2022, Alex estimated net worth is $50 million. Well, it’s known to everyone that the show produced by him, Curse of Oak Island on History Channel, is a huge success. Perhaps, he is a successful producer. The income generated from the show primarily contributes to his wealth.

Additionally, his privately-owned companies contribute to his income that adds up to his net worth.

Alex Lagina net worth and income sources
Alex Lagina’s estimated net worth is $50 million
Name Alex Lagina
Date of birth 25 March 1987
Age 34 years 11 months
Birthplace Traverse, Michigan, USA
Parents Marty and Margaret Olivia Lagina
Net worth $50 million

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