Larry Gatlin’s Net Worth, Wife Janis Ross, and Age

Larry Gatlin is a professional singer that gained prominence in the country and gospel genre. During the 70s to 80s, Larry was considered one of the hottest artists of the decade.

With the successful multidecade career of the singer, does he have a partner? Read this article about Larry as we share more information about his net worth and wife, Janis Ross, and age.

Who is Larry Gatlin?

Image of Larry Gatlin and Janis Ross
Larry Gatlin and Janis Ross.

Larry Wayne Gatlin is a country musician that was one of the top singers in the 70s to 80s. His youth was mostly spent in Texas, where he grew more in love with the genre.

His music success came in 1971 when he was discovered by Dottle West. This was a major turning point for his career as Gatlin helped West produce some of her hit songs.

After this, he continued to pursue his dream as a solo artist and signed with  Monument Records. He would release his debut album with the record and gain massive success across the country.

In 1979, Larry made a group alongside his brothers. They made hit singles such as All The Gold in California, which achieved success on country song charts.

Larry Gatlin’s Net Worth

During his time with Columbia Records, Gatlin made a lot of hit songs and toured the country. Gatlin is considered one of America’s top artists at the height of his career.

In 2022, his net worth is estimated to be $10 million. This is after years of continued success in the music industry and earnings from his music royalties.

Married a wife, Janis Ross. 

Image of Larry Gatlin with his wife, Janis Ross
Larry Gatlin with his wife, Janis Ross.

Because of his sweet and angelic voice, who would not fall in love with a guy like Larry Gatlin? It is no secret that the southern gospel singer is already in a long and fruitful marriage.

His wife is Janis Ross, and the two exchanged vows on the ninth day of August in the year 1969. The 53-year marriage of the couple has produced two lovely children.

According to the singer, the key to their relationship is understanding and being grateful for one another. Janis Ross, Larry Gatlin’s wife, is said to be around 60 years of age.

She is a private woman, which is why information about her is limited. But nonetheless, it is confirmed that the two are still together after being in love for a long time.

How old is Larry Gatlin? Still Alive? Age

Ever since his debut in 1973, Larry has been in the spotlight for his hit singles. Because of this, people tend to forget his real age.

The southern gospel singer was born on the second day of May in the year 1984. Currently, he is alive and fine and is 74 years of age.

Although he has stepped away from the spotlight in recent years, it is confirmed that he is living with his family in their home in Texas.

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