Is Shawn Pomrenke married to Wife? Net Worth, Ex-wives, Kids, Wiki.

Many people have been following the story of gold dredgers in the television series Bering Sea Gold, and one of the most idolized cast members is Shawn Pomrenke. He is a well-known reality actor who became famous after having several appearances in the program.

People have been intrigued about who his wife is and if he has a family that supports him in his career as a reality show actor. With his busy career in the entertainment industry, Shawn’s fans wanted to know if he had time to care for his family.

If you want to know more details about the Bering Sea Gold star, keep reading this article! We will discuss more details about Shawm Pomrenke’s wife and children. Also, know Shawn Pomreneke’s net worth and income sources.

Shawn Pomrenke Wiki

Image of Shawn Pomrenke
Shawn Pomrenke is a TV personality and is a mechanic-turned-full-time gold miner.

The famous reality television actor was born in Minnesota, the United States, on March 26, 1975, and is now 47. He followed his father to Nome, Alaska, after he took a job as a mechanic there and continued saving up to have a stable life.

Pomrenke entered Beltz High School and studied hard to help his father. However, he became hooked on his father’s business and preferred to continue his life by working at 14.

In 2012, the television program producers approached Shawn and his father to be the cast members of Bering Sea Gold. They were not disappointed as many viewers have loved them since the year they started appearing in the show.

Shawn Pomrenke Is Not Married now. Dating a Girlfriend Monica Gomez.

Many people have been asking about the relationship status of the gold dredger, and they wanted to know if he is married to someone like what other sources claim. Moreover, several reports had gone out saying that Pomrenke is single.

Social media users could not confirm which news was true and which was not, so we are here to tell you the real status of his love life. It has come to our knowledge that the famous reality tv actor is not married to anyone.

According to sources, Shawn had an interview before with one of the most famous social media platforms and has revealed that he is still single and is continuing to find the love of his life. Indeed, there are plenty of fishes in the sea, but it is rare to find one unique among others.

As of 2022, Shawn is Dating a Girlfriend named Monica Gomez.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Shawn Pomrenke’s Past Relationship With Jeanette

He had a relationship with Jeanette Pomrenke before, and they started as a strong couple. However, their relationship did not work out, and Shawn and Jeanette had differences in their personalities and preferences.

After a few years, the couple decided to part ways and continue living separately. The former pair gave birth to two children during their marriage.

He was married to his former wife Jenny Schield

Pomrenke married another woman named Jenny Schield, to which he proposed in 2012. The former couple gave birth to one child and showed a healthy relationship during their first few times.

Shawn and Jenny tied the knot after getting to know each other but separated after some time but did not reveal why they separated. Many people are still looking for more information about Shawn’s girlfriend, and they will not stop unless they know who she is.

Shawn Pomrenke’s Children

Image of Shawn Pomrenke with his kids
Shawn Pomrenke with his kids

With the reality television actor’s history with women, people had no doubts about him having children with them. According to sources, Pomrenke has four children with his past relationships.

Shawn and Jeanette gave birth to two children, Emily Pomrenke, and Dylan Pomrenke. Moreover, the famous reality tv star also had one child with Jenny Schield named Luke Pomrenke.

That is not all, as the actor was also rumored to have a daughter named Catherine with a woman named Wendie Lou. Shawn’s daughter Catherine was born in 1993. Catherine owns a company now called Kapuq Akmommade, which specializes in selling designer clothes.

In an Instagram post by Shawn, he shared his bonding with his son Luke, and they looked so happy. On the other hand, Emily and Dylan have a good relationship with their father and agree to appear in the Bering Sea Gold series.

His daughter, Emily, is an intellectual woman as she entered the University of Alaska and studied hard to complete her fine arts degree. Despite having different mothers, Shawn’s children remained close to him.

Shawn loves to post pictures and videos of them on his Instagram account. Pomrenke showed his children in an Instagram post and said that he loves them.

Net Worth

Shawn appeared in several interviews and programs, and he is also included in a hit series made by Discovery Channel. This sparked conversations about how much he makes being a gold dredger and television personality.

His net worth is not surprising as he is in the showbiz industry and paid $500,000 annually. The total net worth of the famous television personality is $5 million as of 2022. 

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