Sue Aikens Children: Daughter Jennifer Payne and Son Jesse. Grand Children

Sue Aikens has been an incredible woman in the wild, and she has been idolized because of her survival skills even in the coldest climates. However, many fans also admire her because of her motherhood skills.

She was born on July 1, 1963, in Chicago, Illinois, the United States, making her 58. People think this is when someone would be considered a grandparent since she is close to her 60s.

Aikens is famous for appearing in Life Below Zero, a show that focuses on portraying the lives of people who conquer the wildlife. She also appeared in several television shows like The Joe Regan Experience and Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Who are her children, and do they have children that consider Aikens an amazing grandmother? Keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding Sue Aiken’s son, daughter, and grandchildren.

Sue Aikens Children.

Image of Sue Aikens
Sue Aikens is a popular TV personality, producer, and entrepreneur. She is best known as the lead cast of a National Geographic Channel’s Life Below Zero

Social media platforms have talked about the National Geographic show Life Below Zero and became interested in its cast members. Sue Aikens is one of the most famous actors in the television program, and it opened many conversations about her.

Aikens’ love history has been open to the public ever since she became an actress, and her children were also exposed in the limelight. Moreover, Sue gave birth to two children during her marriage with Eddie James.

As mentioned in media outlets, Eddie and Aiken’s relationship came to an end after Eddie passed away in 2004. The two children of Aikens with Eddie are composed of a son and daughter.

According to sources, Sue only had children with her second husband, but there was no information if she also had kids with her other marriages. We will update this article once we find more information about Sue Aikens’ children.

Sue Aikens Daughter Jennifer Payne

Image of Sue Aikens with her daughter, Jennifer Payne
Sue Aikens with her daughter, Jennifer Payne

As mentioned earlier, Sue had one daughter with her second marriage, and she is Jennifer Payne. Aikens’ only daughter was born on November 11, 1984, and is 37.

Payne is also called Jenni for short, and she loves to take care of dogs. Due to her dog-lover trait, Jennifer was inspired to establish a business focused on grooming pets called Groomer Haz It.

Jennifer is also like her mother, and she conquered the world and chased her dreams of becoming a certified pet lover. She holds many certifications in grooming pets and is qualified to give proper CPR procedures to animals who need it.

Sue Aikens has one grandchild with Payne, and he is Nathan. Nathan was born on December 18, 2001, and is now 19.

Sue Aikens Son Jesse

Image of Jesse Aikens with his wife, Megan
Jesse Aikens with his wife, Megan

The other child of Aikens is named Jesse Aikens, who was born on December 16, 1987, and is now 34. Jesse did not want to miss the opportunity of having a good academic background, so he chose to enter college and successfully got a degree in Gresham, Oregon, at Mt. Hood Community College.

Sue is a happy mother as she witnessed the marriage of Jesse and his girlfriend, Megan, on September 24, 2016. Jesse and Megan gave birth to their beautiful daughter on January 24, 2020, whom they named Amelia.

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