Jean Christensen: What is André the Giant’s wife doing now?

Jean Christensen became a household name as the late wife of iconic wrestler André The Giant. He was a prominent wrestler and actor whose popularity grew up around 1970 and 1980.

Jean is also the mother of Robin Christensen-Rousseff, the wrestler’s sole kid and also a wrestler and an actress.

André the Giant: Who Was He?

Born on 19th May 1946 in Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne, André René Roussimoff was a prominent French wrestler and actor, best recognized by his ring name “André, the Giant.” Apart from his occupation, André became well-known for his massive stature, which was generated by an oversupply of growth hormones.

Image of Andre The Giant

His physique enabled him to acquire the moniker “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” André passed away in a Paris hotel room on January 27, 1993, due to congestive heart failure.

Who is André the Gaint’s Wife, Jean Christensen?

Jean Christensen, a former model and recognized WWE PR representative, is best recognized for her relationship with André the Giant. The two were in a relationship, the wrestler’s sole known romance.

She wanted to live a quiet life; however, her love forced her into the spotlight. She has subsequently grown to be among the most well-known wives of WWE wrestlers.

Even though her relationship with André increased her fame, Jean was already quite known before she met him. Jean Christensen was a popular model during the early 1970s.

Image of Jean Christensen

Throughout her brief modeling career, she allegedly collaborated with an array of large and small businesses. Her attractiveness, amongst many other things, ought to have been identified as one of the elements that drew André’s interest.

Apart from her modeling profession, Andre The Giant’s wife, Jean Christensen, has established a profession in wrestling public affairs. She was a WWE public relations representative.

Tragically, André died in his sleep on January 27, 1993, at the age of 46, from cardiac arrest. Years later, in 2008, Jean died, having lived a low-key life out of the public’s spotlight.

Jean Christensen and André, the Giant‘s Relationship

Christensen first met her spouse in the early 1970s when working as a public relations agent for WWE. She has previously modeled, although only for a brief period.

Before they started dating, the couple became acquaintances. Becoming the girlfriend of among the most prominent men in the globe at the period was a huge accomplishment for Jean, as well as the two quickly became famous as a couple.

Also, the very first time Jean Christensen was mentioned in the media would have been when she initiated her romance with André, the Giant. In addition, Jean got associated with the wrestler around 1972 – 1973.

She wedded the wrestler, however, never formalized their marriage. André had one and only biological daughter, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, with her.

André did not acknowledge Robin as his child once she was born. They ended up going to a paternity exam to acknowledge his child. Moreover, the father-daughter was known to have met only five times throughout Robin’s lifespan.

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