Why was Chip Hailstone in Jail? Net Worth, Wikipedia

The documentary TV show ‘Life Below Zero’ has an outreach to a global audience through its cast living their life in the Alaskan wilderness. The program has accomplished immense success since its commencement. If you regularly follow the show, you cannot be unaware of its leading cast, Chip Hailstone.

His adaptability, robustness, and endeavor to survive garnered him a lot of admirers worldwide. While the number of fans of Chip kept peaking, the news about his imprisonment shocked a lot of his followers.

Hence, read the article below and get to know more about this modern-day daredevil and his imprisonment. So, why was Chip Hailstone in jail? Let’s find out.

Chip Hailstone Wikipedia

Born on 8 March 1969, the TV star is 52 years and 11 months at present. He grew up with his parents, Daniel and Mary Lois Hailstone, in Kalispell, Montana, USA. Furthermore, he belongs to Anglo-Native American ancestry.

Other additional information on his early life and academics is not disclosed yet. Maybe he prefers keeping his private life away from the limelight.

What is known, however, is that at a young age, Chip learned hunting and fishing skills from his father. At present, those two skills have become pivotal for him to survive in the outlying city of Noorvik. In 1988, The TV actor stepped into the Alaskan wild to endeavor his hunting expertise at the age of 19. Then onwards, he began admiring the utmost weather and primeval living conditions of Alaska.

Documentary TV show 'Life Below Zero’ star, Chip Hailstone
Documentary TV show ‘Life Below Zero’ star, Chip Hailstone

Chip Hailstone on Life Below Zero

Chip Hailstone is a renowned TV personality. He is popularly recognized for National Geographic’s TV show Life Below Zero, produced by BBC.

The show premiered on 19 May 2013 and recently aired its 16th season on 7 September 2020. The documentary unveils the activities that the people of Alaska perform so as to survive in unforgiving environmental conditions.

Chip, alongside his family, debuted on the show on 19 May 2013. He is one of the prominent characters of the show.

The show illustrated the struggles of the Hailstone family along with six other families persisting under extreme weather conditions. Eventually, Chip rose to fame because of his hunting abilities and garnered a lot of fans and followers worldwide through the documentary.

Net Worth

At present, Chip has a net worth of approximately $125,000. The reality star, along with his wife, earned a huge name and fame through the documentary. Thus, the show is the major contributor to his wealth.

Apart from that, the income also comes from the parts of the animal they sell. The TV personality has 811 followers on his Twitter account.

Why did Chip Hailstone go to jail?

Chip went to jail for the guilt of providing fallacious details to the police. Perhaps, it was the consequence of an event incorporating his kids.

It all began in 2011 when Chip accused state troopers of having physically assaulted his daughter, Tinmiaq, who was then 17 years old. Furthermore, he added that someone pointed a gun at his daughter after an argument involving his son Jonathan. Subsequently, he filed a case in a court of law.

However, in a court inquisition, the state trooper testified as innocent. It was then found that Chip provided the wrong information and proved guilty. Ultimately, he ended up in jail in December 2012.

Reasons behind Chip Hailstone going Jail
Chip Hailstone with his wife and children

How Long Did He Serve?

Chip made several efforts to oppose and reverse the court’s decision. He insisted that he unknowingly provided the falsified information. Despite his request, the court denied his plea. Hence, he served Anchorage Correctional Complex for one year and five months, followed by three years probation period.

Wiki Table

Name Edward V Hailstone
Date of Birth 8 March 1969
Age 52 years 11 months
Parents Daniel and Mary Lois Hailstone
Net Worth $125,000


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