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Bessy Gatto is a television personality, influencer, and staunch animal rights, activist. She is mainly recognized as the wife of Joe Gatto, one of the Impractical Jokers. Her husband is a famed comedian and TV personality. Bessy is famous in her own right, especially after her work on TruTv.

Bessy and her husband Joe also work hard to help various organizations. In addition to this, Joe Gatto’s wife even visited the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary during the thanksgiving season. Here is everything about Bessy Gatto’s age and Wikipedia bio.

Bessy Gatto Wikipedia: Age

On April 4th, 1982, Bessy Gatto was born in Los Angeles, California. It means that she turned 39-years of age earlier this year. Bessy’s age additionally makes her 6-years younger than her husband Joe, who is set to turn 45 soon. Moreover, her date of birth also makes her star sign Aries. Her last birthday proved fairly memorable. She used her special day to raise awareness and funds for the ASPCA Emergency Relief and Recovery. Joe’s wife managed to raise over $1,000, which was allocated to supporting animal welfare groups that were hit hard by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Bessy Gatto is the wife of Joe Gatto since 2013

Bessy and Joe reportedly met back in 2009, long before the latter was a television sensation. It is easy to see why they got together in the first place. Both Joe and his partner Bessy share a love for music and animals (dogs in particular).

Bessy Gatto and her husband in an event
Bessy Gatto with her husband, Joe Gatto

Working in Joe’s favor was also the fact that he was naturally funny. The two kept their relationship low-key back then before eventually tying the knot on September 2nd, 2013. As of 2021, Bessy and her husband have spent eight years together. These years have seen Bessy give birth to two children.

Her kids

Bessy Gatto and her family all together
Bessy Gatto and his husband, Joe, and two kids

Bessy’s first child is a daughter named Milana. Back on the 17th of November 2014, Joe Gatto’s wife took to Instagram to show off her baby bump. Milana was born on May 6th, 2015, and turned 6-years old just last month. Her brother, Remington, followed two years later. He was born on the 31st of July 2017 and is set to turn 4 in two months. Bessy is a great mom, as is evident from her Instagram posts.

Most of her page is littered with pictures of her children. In one of her most recent updates, Bessy and her kids took a family trip in order to avoid the rainy season.

Moreover, in a different post, we see Milano dressed in orange to celebrate unity day. The color was chosen specifically to reflect inclusion and kindness.

We also learned that Bessy and her kids took their first family trip back in July 2015. The three of them were backstage at a Colbie Caillat music concert. Aside from that, Bessy and her kids also share a love for Halloween. Last year, Bessy dressed Remington in a lion costume while Milano got to be a unicorn princess.

Her stint on the Impractical Jokers.

So far, Bessy has featured twice on the show. Her first appearance came during the ninth episode (dream crusher) of the series’ fourth season. In this episode, the jokers challenge each other to kiss random strangers at a food court. Things get awkwardly fast once Joe steps up to the plate. He has to kiss an actress in front of his wife, Bessy. Unsurprisingly, Joe is unable to complete the challenge and opts to kiss Bessy instead.

Bessy’s second appearance would come during the series’ eighth season. Unsurprising, Bessy was used to Joe’s detriment once more. This time, she was photographed on a date with Q, one of his friends.

Bessy is a dog lover.

Remarkably, Bessy and her family have nine dogs roaming around their home. Funnily enough, most of them are named after desserts: Tarfuto, Napoleon, Ganache, Cotta, Spumoni, Biscotti, Panna, Cannoli, and Struffoli.

Most of her posts on Instagram are about her dogs. One such post sees Bessy and Struffoli lounging in their living room as they enjoy a sunny day. Her love for animals is also evident in her work with organizations like the Animal League. In fact, just recently, she and her family set up a lemonade stand for charity.

All the profit they made went towards the aforementioned organization. Bessy also uses her strong social media presence to raise awareness on important social issues such as ‘the Adopt Don’t Shop’ Movement. This is a popular movement that is aimed at getting more people to stop seeking out dog breeders and instead visit shelters all over the country.

Bessy Gatto and her husband with cute pupies
Bessy Gatto and her husband, Joe, loves dogs

She is vegan.

Bessy Gatto is a proud advocate of cruelty-free vegan life. This means that she completely abstains from the use of any product gotten from animals. It means no meat, eggs, or dairy products such as milk.

In some cases, she’d even avoid certain brands of wines. As a vegan, Bessy prefers to stick to foods like rice, pasta, vegetables, fruits, legumes (beans, peas), and vegetable oils. Bessy’s lifestyle choices are evident even in the brands she chooses to wear.

For instance, she prefers clothing options that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Joe Gatto’s wife does not support products that are harmful to the environment. This is why the sports bra she wears while working outcomes from Ryley active. The company makes all its products from 100% recycled waste material.

Her social media Activity.

Bessy Gatto has gained a large online following over the past few years. On Instagram, for example, she has a platform of 101K fans. Such a following has enabled her to be the brand ambassador for items such as a purse from sixrealmsofficial.

Her popularity on Twitter has also been steadily on the rise. Today, she has over 17K followers on this platform. She uses this platform to raise awareness for worthy causes.

Back in 2018, for instance, a wildfire broke out in California, endangering several animals in the process. Bessy reached out to her audience, asking everyone to do what they could to help preserve the wildlife in the area.

She has dealt with Anxiety and Depression.

Bessy has been fairly open about her struggles with anxiety and depression. She recently admitted that on some days, she was full of energy and ready to take on everything. On other days, she could barely make it out of bed.

Moreover, Bessy recently opened up about the struggles she went through as a first-time parent back in 2014. The experience was difficult, particularly as Milana proved to be a difficult child, constantly crying and hardly settled.

Other than that, Milana also found it hard to sleep throughout the night, which would, in turn, keep her parents up. Bessy went on to add that the first time her daughter slept through the night was after she turned 2.

Sadly, things would get worse as her second pregnancy ended after a miscarriage. In order to cope with the loss, Bessy reached out to other mothers who had experienced similar losses. She found solace in listening to stories and experiences from other mothers in her group. It gave her a sense of community, encouraging her to talk about the difficulties of motherhood.

More recently, Bessy took to Instagram to acknowledge Mental Awareness month. In a fairly detailed post, Bessy explained that mental illness was a very complicated issue. It wasn’t as cut and dry as performing a simple test or telling someone to just snap out of it.

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