Maya Oakley Illness, Age, Boyfriend, Wiki of Dr. Michelle Oakley’s daughter.

Maya Oakley is an aspiring vet television & social media personality. Her Instagram account has quite a significant following, 21.1K to be precise. From it, we get a sense that it is not only stylish but also likes to travel. Other than this, Maya also uses this platform to push charitable causes. Presently, Oakley uses her large following to promote the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Most recently, news has suggested that Maya Oakley was suffering from some form of illness. Read ahead to learn more about this and other interesting facts about Maya.

Age and Birthday

Maya Oakley was born on the 2nd of December 1998 in Canada. Though she just recently turned 23, Maya will celebrate her 24th birthday by the end of the year. Despite being a Canadian by birth, Maya Oakley additionally holds dual American citizenship. This is because her mother was originally a US native, which grants Oakley the right to be the same as well.

Maya Oakley is the daughter of Famous vet, Dr. Michelle Oakley.

If you haven’t figured it out already, Maya and Dr. Michelle Oakley are related. She is Michelle and Shane Oakley’s middle child. The couple has two other children besides Maya, Willow, and Sierra. Maya initially gained nationwide fame for working alongside her mother, Dr. Michelle Oakley.

Both of them would prominently feature on Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet. Maya frequently joined Dr. Oakley on house calls, helping to care for animals in distress.

Michelle Oakley with her daughters, Maya Oakley and Sierra Oakley
Michelle Oakley with her daughters, Maya Oakley and Sierra Oakley

In the process, she developed a love for veterinary medicine. To that end, Maya enrolled in the University of Western Ontario, graduating a mere two years ago. Her time at the institution was supplemented by the work she has done at the Yukon Veterinary Animal Clinic.

Maya Oakley Illness. Is Dr. Oakley’s daughter sick?

Back in June 2020, Maya Oakley tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. This meant that she was at risk of respiratory failure and, at worst, death. Fortunately, she was able to pull through and recover from the illness.

Her mother, Dr. Michelle Oakley, constantly kept fans updated about her daughter’s health through her TikTok account. Maya’s latest post on her Instagram account also depicts her relatively good health.

Maya Oakley's latest post on instagram

Is Maya Oakley Dating a boyfriend?

As far as we can tell, Maya isn’t dating anyone presently. Her social media pages are littered with pictures of her and her friends, but there is no trace of a boyfriend. It would appear that Maya is entirely focused on her career prospects presently.

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  1. I have a comment, more of a question, actually. Why doesn’t she smile? Of all the tv shows she’s been on with her mom, she’s smiled maybe 5 times. She’s so wonderful with animals, but man, she just must hate being on tv. She acts like she hates it.


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