Morgan Beasley and wife Margaret Stern Net Worth, Love life, Kids.

Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern are famous names from the television reality show Mountain Men. The show features people from Alaska to North Carolina who lives a primitive lifestyle. After leaving the show, the TV stars have been living together in Alaska and running a homestead named Apricity Alaska and welcome people to adventures in the wilderness and nature.

Let us unfold more information about Morgan’s and Margaret’s life. We talk about their net worth, age, kids, tattoos, and their journey on Mountain Men.

Morgan Beasley and wife Margaret Stern on Mountain Men

The TV personality joined the cast of Mountain Men on its fourth season and continued till the eighth season. In the show, he has been shown living in Alaskan Terrain. He has trekked across the Alaskan range twice. Morgan loves nature and thinks of animals as a better companion than people. Morgan and Margaret Stern starrs alongside other mountain men such as Tom Oar, Eustace Conway and few other.

Whereas Margaret was in the show from season 6 to season 8. She worked as a horse specialist and botanist. There, she worked closely with him with the horses and fell in love with the wilderness.

For almost a decade, the TV star had been living like a nomad until he decided to move permanently to Alaska. The reason to move there was he felt a connection with the land. Morgan and Margaret have been living in their homestead ever since they left the show together.

Morgan Beasley and wife Margaret Stern on Mountain Men
Morgan Beasley with his wife, Margaret stern

Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern Net Worth

Being in the same field of interest and owning a business together, the duo earns from their homestead and the show they had appeared in. Morgan has a net worth of almost $2 million (2022), whereas Margaret’s net worth comprises $3 million (2022).

They share an Instagram account and have 10.5k followers. One can enjoy nature and wilderness through their Instagram feed. Other than that, they have a website for their homestead, where brief info about them and their animals is mentioned.

Morgan also owns a YouTube account and has 2.89k subscribers, where he shares about his lifestyle.

Although they have been following a primitive lifestyle, they are quite active on social media platforms and share joy.

Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern net worth and income sources
Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern has a net worth of 2$ million and 3$ million respectively

Margaret Stern Tattoos:

Margaret surely has a tattoo on her upper arm, but there are no pictures to show proof. Hopefully, we will get to witness it someday.

Morgan and Margaret Stern Age:

Morgan was born in 1961, which makes him 61 years old in 2022. He was born to Eustace Robinson Conway III and Karen Conway on September 15th.

He has three siblings named Judson Conway, Walton Conway, and Martha Conway. They were all born and brought up in Columbia, South Carolina. Morgan has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Idaho.

No information about Margaret or her family has been found to date. However, some information about her studies can be found. Margaret has a degree in botany and natural history from the College of Atlantic in Maine. She also has the skills of taxidermy and farming and is pursuing a degree in ethnobotany.


The big old question of Margaret and Morgan being married has been unsolvable. Some sources claim them to be a couple, but there is no evidence to support the statement. They have been living together for more than five years and claim to be partners running a business together.

They have no kids of their own but own four horses and two dogs. A brief introduction about their pets has been given on their website.

Margaret Stern with her dog
Margaret Stern with her dog
Full Name Morgan Beasley
Date of Birth September 15, 1961
Place of birth Columbia, South Carolina
Parents Eustace Robinson Conway III

Karen Conway

Siblings Judson Conway

Walton Conway

Martha Conway

Relationship status single
Net worth (2022) $2 million
Instagram followers (2022) 10.6k

Margaret Stern Wiki

Full Name Margaret Stern
Relationship status Single
Net worth (2022) $3 million
Instagram followers (2022) 10.6k

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